How Do You Prepare Your House Before Selling?

If you haven’t heard about the decluttering craze a pint-sized Asian woman set ablaze across the world, you’re missing out. When I first heard of Marie Kondo, an organising consultant from Japan, my immediate reaction was, “Such a job exists? C’mon, do I need someone to tell me how to be tidy?” Apparently I did.

And several months after picking up her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, I’m glad this Japanese lady, dubbed the world’s most organised woman, has taught me the magical wonders of a decluttered home. It really did change my life.

For homeowners looking to sell their house, tips from a tidy expert could mean the difference between clinching a solid deal and watching your house listing sit beyond the scrolling depths of a property site.


Whoever says “Don’t judge a book by its cover” has never met a buyer on the prowl for his dream house. What’s on the inside of a house matter, but so does the outside.

The exterior of your house greets the buyer; it’s the first chance for your house to say hello before you utter the words, “Welcome in.”

Marie Kondo advocates a clutter-free environment where things that aren’t in use are kept out of sight. This means your shoes aren’t sprawled across the front door but arranged neatly at the side or on a shoe rack.

If you have plants, that’s wonderful—they add colour and life to your home but remember to prune the branches and align the pots orderly so it enhances the surroundings rather than dampen it.

Freshen that coat of paint on your walls if you must; it’ll add a brand new feel to the exterior of the house.

These are just some areas for you to consider when giving your home a makeover.


In a photograph, the space surrounding an object, referred to as negative space, is a key element. It helps our eyes zoom in instantly on the object. Houses work the same way. With generous amounts of open space, the house seems more spacious, like it’s been enlarged.

Extracted from TPR’s Current Properties webpage

To avoid clutter from piling up and filling up the corners of your home, Marie Kondo suggests purging your home from things that no longer bring you joy. That extra coffee table your neighbour gave you as a housewarming gift you don’t need? That sweater you bought without trying on that makes you look like a giant dumpling? That box of toys your children have outgrown but you can’t bear to throw out?

Give yourself permission to let them go; they belong in a new home or in the bin. It’s not easy to let go of things you own (and nostalgia will convince you to hold onto them), but the feeling of being released from the grasp of unwanted stuff is incredible.

Homebuyers want to imagine their future life in your home. When your house is cluttered, it’s difficult for them to do so.

If you can encourage them to picture in their minds the most comfortable, enjoyable space they can imagine, it’s likely that a solid deal will not be far away.


Light really does wonders to a place. It conjures up feelings of lightness, freshness and brightness—the soothing and positive vibes a buyer looks for when checking out a new unit. Clean your windows, draw the curtains and let the natural light in. It can breathe a new life into a dreary home, and it is the finishing touch to a home that has been decluttered and Marie Kondo-ed. With a well-lighted living space, imagine having a room in your home that gives you a personal feeling of zen-like bliss? How tranquil~~~

Well, for me to think, having such a space in my home will surely allow me to escape momentarily from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Have you ever tried these tips before? Tell us in the comments below! If you’ve found this article useful, feel free to share them with friends who are preparing their house for a sale.

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