The Most Convenient Place to Stay in Singapore? Here’s What Isochronic Maps Tell Us

What’s one of the most important thing home-buyers look for when purchasing a house? 

Location, it’s all about location. 

  • Near the MRT? ✔️
  • Near NTUC? ✔️
  • Near good schools for my children? ✔️

Also, “If I sell this house in the future, will it fetch a good price?”

If those are your concerns, we are thrilled to share this interesting article with you that talks about, you guessed it, the best area in Singapore to live in! ​This isn’t the age-old East-versus-West debate; we’re specifically zooming in on the convenience of a particular location in Singapore. The article compiled by blogger Justin Zhou has a unique approach—it uses an isochronic map to measure how far you can travel using public transportation within an amount of time from a specific area.

In other words, using a graphical representation, you can find out how far you’ll be able to reach another location in Singapore within 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes. Because Singaporeans want both, to stay connected and to reach their destination in the quickest time possible, convenience is an important aspect many will consider when buying a house.

So, according to the article, who’s the winner for ‘The Most Convenient Place to Stay in Singapore’? It’s none other than…BISHAN!

Here, have a go at the isochronic map yourself—you’ll be surprised to find some areas that are supposedly centralised and transport hubs, are actually trailing behind—looking at you, Paya Lebar.

If we look back at an article we posted on Facebook several days ago, the map’s conclusions seem to match the trends happening in Singapore right now. It’s said that flats in Bishan and Tampines looked to be in demand, with a median TOX of S$12,000 each. That’s property-speak for buyers paying well over the computer-generated market value of a home, meaning that houses in Bishan and Tampines are so sought-after that people are willing to fork out that extra money to secure good locations — good locations that are convenient and within accessible reach to other parts of our island.


We are proud of Bishan, but if you’re wondering which areas in the north, other than Bishan, are good locations for you to set up a home, we can help! Contact us below or leave a comment below to share if you agree or disagree with this conclusion. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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