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Every property has a runway, a time period where the investment reaps the most profits. For some properties, it could take 5 years, for others, it could be 10 or 20 years later.

Just like fashion, Real Estate has trends and cycles. Using our 5 Key Checklist, we diagnose if your current property still has a good runway, or is it time for you to sell or rent.

Our 5 Step Checklist In Property Planning

Current Price

Ideally, we hope all homeowners will earn when they sell their properties. Ideally, the current price exceeds their purchase price and the costs involved in renovating or furnishing the houses. However, this is not the only criteria to look at. It’s just like buying an expensive handbag. Some will appreciate, some will depreciate to a specific level. The question is then, whether there is a chance for the property to appreciate further and if other properties will serve your purpose better.

Market Upside

We analyse how the nearby neighbourhood developments – New MRT lines, creation of new commercial/ industrial sites, to evaluate the potential upside for your property. Some developments are less attractive than others, and does not add much value to a property.


Not only do we check how your neighbour next door is doing, we conduct a basic comparative study to understand how your property will fare against its neighbours – what kind of profiles does your property attract and level of demand.

Rental Market

Rentals is one of the major driving forces of the market. With higher demand in an area, rental prices are stronger and hence you can attract investors to buy your property.

Enbloc Potential

As much as we love to tell you which property WILL enbloc, what we can do is evaluate the current prices, and what a potential enbloc price may be in the future, and estimate the probability of enbloc based on an analysis of all of the above

After Reviewing The Checklist

After reviewing, we provide our advice on next actions. We will also provide some suggestions for your next action, depending on what your intentions are. Some clients are happy to rent for another 5 to 10 years. Some clients want to cash out to buy something newer or with more potential capital gain.

The final decision will always lies with you and your family.

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