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Financial & Property Planning

Information is the key to success.

Our commitment to our clients is for them to make a well-informed decision before they decide to buy or sell a property. 

Using our Signature The Property Runway Checklist, our team takes into consideration your key dreams and goals, and create a clear and concise financial roadmap for you to achieve them. 

Think of us as your 2-in-1 “Property and Financial Consultants”!

Using our 5-Step Checklist, our clients are able to fully get their property financial plans in order and make informed decisions about their next property purchase.

Our 5 Step Checklist In Property Planning

The Ideal Next Property

Where do you want to move to next? A landed property? A larger home? Closer to your children’s schools or to town? We help you refine the criterion for your next property.

Current Price

We evaluate the current price of your home, taking into consideration Market Trends, Market Prices, Renovations and Fittings.


We calculate the Cash and CPF returns from selling your property. And we will provide you an overview of the Amount Of Cash, CPF and Loan you would likely use for your next property.

Potential Market Upside

What are the developments in your area, and in the area you are looking for? We look deeply into the potential market upside for your property as well as the next property to determine if the move makes sense now or later.

Rental Market Strengths & Weaknesses

What about rentals? Rentals play a crucial role in property demand. When there is strong rental prices and demand, the property prices tend to grow faster. We evaluate both the area you are currently living in and your future location.

After Reviewing The Checklist

After applying the 5-Step Checklist, we will provide recommendations for your next action steps.
Just picture yourself planning your property financial roadmap and goals without the hassle. The final decision will always lies with you and your family.

Here is an example: Mr and Mrs Wong’s Ultimate Financial Dream

3 Years Ago…

Back then, Mr and Mrs Wong could not imagine themselves moving out of their 4-room HDB flat.

Furthermore, the idea of selling their home to buy a private property was too far-fetched!

Their concerns include: 

  • What if we stretch our savings too far?
  • Will we be left with enough money for our children’s education?
  • Can we even afford the monthly mortgages? 

Wanted To Sell Their HDB Flat

They initially engaged us to help them sell their HDB flat and buy a resale EM

So we looked into their financial situation, documents and plans to see everything is in order for the transaction. 

To their surprise (and ours!), the calculations turn out otherwise. Mr and Mrs Wong actually have enough to buy a 3-Bedder condo using the money from their HDB sale. And even have a reserve pool of cash amounting to around $120,000!

Financing Their Dream Home

This way, they not only get to achieve their dreams of living in a condo, but also build assets to grow their wealth in the long term.

Mr and Mrs Wong’s case isn’t just a one-off story. Many couples got help with their asset progression strategies. It’s a matter of where to look in terms of your finances.

If you’re interested in selling your current house to buy your dream home, contact us for a risk-free consultation.


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