114 Bishan Street 12

Home Staging And Clear Messaging Increased Viewership For This Vacant Home

Our first impression of the house was that it lacked the warmth of a home. It was vacant and devoid of furniture. The windows were tinted, the ceilings, and the walls were discoloured. The entire vibe was rather gloomy and dark. Most of the renovation done was kept as is from the first owner of Indian ethnicity. The Chinese owner even kept the bells that hung around the prayer’s room! Many who saw the advertisement assumed that the house belonged to an Indian owner currently, mistakenly thinking that the property would be restricted to only Indians and other races.

This is because Bishan has a Chinese-majority, hence buyers seeking a house with Chinese quota usually find the search a little tougher. They look for tell-tale signs in the photos of house to know which ethnic group they may be purchasing from to save them time from calling to verify.​


Clear Messaging

To dissolve any wrong assumptions, we removed the bells, and took photos strategically to hide the prayer room door. We also emphasized in our advertisement that the seller was a Chinese, hence eligible for chinese buyers who are keen in the area.

We garnered a healthy viewership of the house.​

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