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Sold Online Via Facebook Live During Circuit Breaker!

This shoot was done days before Circuit Breaker began!

Our clients had approached us as they were soon collecting keys to their new property and were worried about the tight timeline. The COVID-19 situation had just begun to worsen worldwide, and none of us had a clue what will happen next or how it may impact everyone.

This was in March 2020. We advised our clients to prepare for the shoot and their move by decluttering their current place. They did it within one week and we managed to do the shoot on 3rd April (Friday) before the Circuit Breaker started on 7th April.

Then came the question – when should we launch off the marketing campaign? We knew at the back of our minds that the owner had a tight deadline, and they were worried about potentially selling their property, especially since we had no idea when Circuit Breaker would end.


After weighing out all our options, we decided to dive online to help sell our client’s property. After modifying our videos, we kickstarted the marketing campaign on all property portals, and Facebook Advertisements. The first week, we had queries but none wanted to commit to a purchase as they wanted to see the house for themselves.

To tackle the objection, we then launched off a Facebook Live and Zoom Viewings for interested parties. This included a video tour by the owners themselves using their mobile phones LIVE to showcase the different corners of the property not shown on our video.

Facebook Live done during Circuit Breaker

Having the seller online with us was definitely reassuring to potential buyers because they could ask the owner to show important areas of the house they were interested in and had questions about, such as asking the owner to show how the view from the kitchen as well as the layout of the bathroom.

With the owners so gamely on board, we managed to cast away any possible doubts about the property, and that the house is as per what they see.

What Happened Next?

We had a buyer showing serious interest but they were still worried as it was their first purchase. They were first-timers, so we hopped onto Zoom and carefully assisted them with their financials by using the Asking Price of the Property to estimate the cash, CPF and loan they are required to have. Thankfully, they were comfortable after reviewing the numbers and made us a good offer. ūüėĄ

We signed the documents digitally first, then straight after Circuit Breaker, passed them the physical copies to sign. What was especially touching for us was that although the buyers only finally got to see the house in August, they were elated because the house was exactly what they saw online.

Here’s what they have to say about us!

Getting Comfortable Online

For us, we are grateful that we have been active in doing videos and having an online presence, so going LIVE Online was simply an extension of what we would do on any physical viewing. We realized that the goals remained the same – to assure both buyers and sellers to make their home selling or home buying journeys as pleasant as possible for them. To us, we are the facilitators to help them achieve their dreams.

Definitely this case had a happy ending not only because of the marketing efforts but also the adaptability, openness and spontaneity of our owner during Facebook LIVE.

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