Decluttering can do Wonders in Accentuating your Entire Space

The owners were trying to move to a new home nearer to their parents. In 2019, they decided to try selling their place on their own. They advertised on Carousell and 99.co but there was no genuine calls, only solicitating calls from realtors.

I understood why when I saw the photos in the advertisement. But more on that later…

The first time I went down to the house, the whole space was cluttered, partly because they had a lot of toys for their little ones. The whole house, at that point in time, was still packed with moving boxes as they had just moved back home after renting a place for a year. In addition, the owners kept all their windows closed. In fact, if they had opened their windows, the whole house was very bright and welcoming.

And… if you guessed it already… the house was photographed and advertised in that state 😰


After talking to them, I encouraged them to Marie-Kondo — to throw away certain things they will not be using in their new place, to tidy up (or hide) smaller items, to move certain larger things into the bomb shelter so that it would be easier for us to shoot the photo / video and conduct viewings.

Our experience with buyers has certainly taught us that buyers (especially first timer buyers) tend to be unable to judge a home size and if a home has many things, they will ‘feel’ that it is small.

We also got owners to rearrange furniture in the master bedroom, such as moving their bed frame to another spot and removing the additional mattresses next to their master bedroom queen-sized bed. When we filmed the area, it was only then that we could really show how big the whole house was and give the buyers a walk-through of the entire luxury of space in the master bedroom.


For buyers looking to enjoy living room space or dining room space, this may not be the ideal use of space for them.

We did 2 configurations:

One, we moved the sofa to the middle of the living room to showcase the vastness of the living room space

Two, we moved the sofa against the wall to show potential buyers they have the option to reconfigure the space to their own taste

In spite of the low floor, we were very grateful for the advantages of the house. One of them is the row of large windows in their living room (as seen in the video) where we could show the brightness and ventilation of the entire house. The other thing was that it was breezy, because the unit was fairly unblocked. It was located in front of the park connector and had a gorgeous greenery view. So when you open the windows, you’re going to get the breeze and sunlight.

Alas… we had one round of viewings with five buyers. One of them made a very serious offer, and we sealed the deal quickly with the owner.

What were our key takeaways?

  • The orientation of the house – despite its low floor, because the facing was quite good, the view is in fact better than a high floor unit. The high floor unit would face just the sky or yet more concrete jungle. There are truly not many places to live where you can get up close and personal with nature.
  • The amount of sunlight – very important for any house! The brighter your space, the bigger it will seem.
  • The decluttering – many don’t understand this but when people come into your house for the first time, first impression counts because with all the clutter, they will think that the house is small!

Here’s an article that we’d like to share to add to your reading.

If you ask me, decluttering goes a long way to help you show your property in the best possible light. And the end result won’t disappoint you – from 3 months that the owners tried to sell, we sold the house within 1 viewing.

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