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It was in May 2021, in the midst of the bull run for Real Estate in Singapore.

Chris contacted The Property Runway for a listing we had for sale in Brownstone, only to realize the size was too small for his family of 4. Curious about his plans, we spoke to Chris and started to run through key financial figures to help him with his next move.

At this stage, the Covid cases were rising, so they decided to wait and see.

Later in July 2021, Chris and his partner decided to start exploring some condominiums in the area for sale and found a property they truly loved. It was unexpectedly fast, but once we made an offer, time was of the essence. We then kickstarted their sale quickly.

What was done?

We took photos & a video of the house on Tuesday and rolled out our marketing by Thursday. To move the property fast, we advertised at $585k. We received 12 calls and advised Chris to change his pricing to $600k instead.

That Saturday and Sunday, we held Zoom, video and finally physical viewings.


Within that one weekend, we managed to receive 9 offers ranging from 570k to $610,188k. We finally closed at the highest offer and the sellers are able to move on fast!

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