A 6 Months Sales Journey through COVID Times

Here’s a succinct Timeline of the entire sales journey with our sellers and buyers.

Our Conclusion

Not every property can be sold quickly at a high price. Sometimes it’s about timing, and sometimes it’s about faith and patience.

In June 2020, the sellers decided to take a leap of faith and start marketing their property. As we were still in Circuit Breaker, all we could do was get our equipment delivered to them and ask them to take the photos required.

Thankfully, in July, when the Circuit Breaker was lifted, we were able to head over to do a quick update of the photos and videos of the property.

The last price transacted was $1.88 million for a #21 unit in October 2018.

Naturally, many compared our unit (on #25) to the past transacted price and made their offer up to $1.87 million, despite the fact that our unit was on a higher level. However, we believed that the right buyer would come along and helped our client to hold onto their prices.

To our surprise, a blow came in September 2020 when the #33 unit was sold at $1.86 million. But because our facing was one of the better ones, and we were confident that our unit was one of the better maintained ones, we held on.

As the market became heated, as buyers gained confidence to venture out, and started exploring their home options – more buyers started to enter the market, and we received three offers and closed the offer at $1.92 million for #25 unit on the same weekend in December.

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