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Photos speak a thousand words. But a video says so much more. We believe that every property has a compelling story, and we take great pride in our marketing and advertising campaigns to ensure your property is showcased in the media at its best!

We engage professionals with high quality equipment, video shooting and editing skills.

Remember that the quality of photos and videos are paramount to engage prospective buyers in order to secure a viewing!

You do not want to lose a prospect due to poorly framed photos or videos with bad lighting or sound!

How It Works

How We Conduct Your Campaign

We do not prescribe a standard or ‘one size fits all’ template for our marketing and advertising strategy. As each property has its own unique attributes and buyer profile, we will ensure the marketing efforts are optimized and targeted accordingly.

Step 1: Video

We create an exciting video to showcase to prospective buyers the beautiful surroundings and great facilities one can enjoy staying at your location. We feature and highlight the best parts of your property, why one should not give this a miss.

This narrows down only genuine buyers for viewing your property, increasing the chance of sales.

(2) Photos / Virtual Tour

We provide housing tips to improve the overall aesthetics of your property, and take photos to feature it in the best possible angle. We also do a virtual home tour to allow viewers to appreciate the beauty of the entire house, room by room.

Step 3: Social Media Advertising

Your property will be featured and exposed to a wide base of prospective home buyers on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. View sample post below of Newly Listed 3BR Condo for Sale @ Butterworth 8, generating over 15,000 views.

Step 4: Property Portals Advertising

We advertise on multiple portals to ensure maximum exposure for your property.

Step 5: Network of Agents

We cooperate and work closely with fellow agents across the industry to secure a buyer for your property within the shortest time frame possible.

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We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful home. Our goal is to empower our clients to plan and get the best home for themselves, their loved ones and the next generation.Share with us your property journey and how we can further assist you.

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