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Why Integrated Developments?

Most Singaporeans say that the best homes are located in neighbourhoods where you don’t have to leave the town.

Now with integrated developments, you don’t even have to leave your building!

But that’s not even the best part!  

Scenario #1:

Hillion Residences (Mixed Development @ Bukit Panjang)

(Image Source: EdgeProp)

(Data Source: URA Singapore)

Bought at $13xx psf

Sold at $15xx to $18xx psf

(Up to 38% capital gain in 3 years!)

Scenario #2:

Watertown (Mixed Development @ Punggol)

(Image Source: SRX)

(Image Source: Wikipedia)

(Data Source: PropertyGuru)

Unit Price in 2015: $986 psf

Unit Price in 2018: $1,388 psf

(Whopping 40% increase in value… in just 3 years!)

These are actual transaction figures you can find in any property website (i.e. SRX,, etc.) 


This is how some owners were able to…

 …invest in the properties for a low investment and sell the property at a profit within a few years after TOP.

However, not every integrated development is worth investing in. 

There are often critical pitfalls that might result in investors and homeowners purchasing the wrong units or even developments.


Here’s An Example… 

(Image Source: Nestia)

(Image Source: SRX)

(Data Source: PropertyGuru)

Compass Heights 

(Integrated Development right above Sengkang MRT & bus interchange)


Bought at $880 psf…

Sold at $915 psf…

(Only $37,000 profit in 4 years!)

As you can tell, not every integrated property is a winner. 

This is why we decided to put together a comprehensive free report and phone consultation to share our insights and findings from past integrated developments.

Our Comprehensive Free Report and Phone Consultation includes:

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