Decluttering & Styling an Old Home Back To Its Majestic Wonder

eng hoon mansions

The owner, Judy wanted to find out what she can do with her property @ Eng Hoon Mansions. She was not keen to live in it, nor renovate the house for the next tenant.

Considering the location, we initially thought rental may be a great idea since she already has a home to live in. However, this perspective changed the moment we stepped into Eng Hoon Mansions, it was a sight to behold. The spacious apartment was utterly trashed by the previous tenant. The last tenant created additional partitions in the house and rented beds out to almost 20 workers.

When the neighbours complained, the owner discovered this horror and kicked the tenants out. Alas! The damage was done. Due to the heavy usage, the walls were dirty, the kitchen and bathrooms had damages. In the end, the owner could only use the space as a storage space

The once majestic and bright house is now a shadow of its previous self.

We made several recommendations: 

Take down the partitions
Repaint the walls damaged by partitions
Clean up the house thoroughly
Declutter the house by removing all the items in the place
Styling the house – putting in nice furniture will help brighten the house, and also enable us to have good photos/ videos to attract potential buyers
Before (left) and after (right) styling

At first the owner was hesitant – as it was indeed a lot of work. We agreed to do our best.

We had 20 viewings in the first month, however, the feedback we got from buyers were:

The house is so badly maintained! Renovations are going to cost me a LOT!
I am confused! I cannot imagine the layout of this house.
I think there must be a lot of damage we cannot see under all the junk. I would not want to take this risk!
…This house is so dark!

At the same time, we brought the owner shopping for a potential retirement home. Both Judy and her husband saw a house they truly liked. They decided they would rent out their current place and do up the house to sell it fast so that they can get their desired new home.

Everything was done within 1 week and here’s what the owner had to say about their experience with us!

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