666 Yishun Jumbo Flat Record Breaking
666 Yishun Jumbo Flat Sold At Record Breaking $1.2 Million Dollars

Record Breaking Sale At 666 Yishun Jumbo HDB Flat

At $1.2 Million Dollars, we have broken the previous record set for a HDB unit in Yishun by more than $100,000.


We are proud to be able to be part of this journey with the sellers and are really grateful for their trust in us to be able to achieve this historic pricing for them.

How It All Began

Back in late 2023, we received a phone call from one of the residents who was interested in selling their jumbo flat in Yishun. And the very reason they contacted us was because of our previous record sale for one of his neighbours in the same block back in 2022. While excited, we understood that there were some challenges – the last done transactions and the restriction on private property owners buying HDBs.


In September 2022, HDB introduced a 15-month wait out period for private homeowners before they could purchase a Resale HDB. This move was aimed to reduce the amount of buyers downgrading from landed or large private properties to the HDB market. This type of buyers are usually cash rich and could afford levels of COV ( Cash over valuation ) that most HDB upgraders could not afford.


With that in mind, we went for the meeting with the owners, with jitters in our stomachs.

666 Yishun Jumbo Record Breaking Sale $1.2 Million

A Unique Home That Captured Our Hearts

From the moment we stepped into the house, it blew our minds. 


It was meticulously designed with a timeless monochrome theme while maintaining a soft touch of a home. Moreover, the owners did not create multiple rooms, they went for an open concept. The spaciousness of the unit can be felt from the moment you step in.


Watch our Signature Home Tour to fully appreciate the beauty of the place.

Overcoming The Challenges

While it truly was a unique home, we still had to make sure that we bring out the best in it. We ran through what was required to really be able to showcase their home to the right audience, and the seller was all aboard!


First up, staging and styling.

We had to make sure that all the furniture had its place in the house, and we moved one of the day beds that was originally in the living room into the play room. This further emphasised the spaciousness of the living area.


The area leading into the master bedroom was also cleared off to deliberately put the focus of that area towards the bookshelves which was the highlight of the space.


666 Yishun Record Price HDB Jumbo Flat

Full On Marketing

With everything in place, we began to plan a comprehensive marketing strategy with the complete Signature Package that we always provide. Video Home Showcase, 360 Immersive Home Tours and Professional Photography were arranged. We took nearly 6 hours to complete the Home Tour Video just to find the best parts of the home to highlight. We had garnered more than 36,000 views from our Youtube home tour alone. See it again here!


We believe a home does not sell no matter how nice or unique your home may look. You will need someone to align it with what the buyer truly needs. We strategised every showing ( with great efforts from the seller! ), to keep it in tip top shape and walk through the house carefully with every single group of buyers to understand their needs and find the right match.

666 Record Price Jumbo HDB Flat

How We Closed

After close to 2 months and having shown the house to more than 10 groups of prospective buyers. We came down to the final 3 who expressed interest in making an offer for the house. These groups were prepared and they understood that they will be making an offer higher than the last record. We knew that we have succeeded at this point in getting the new record price, but we didn’t want to just stop here. 


After assessing all the groups of buyers and confirming their readiness, we advised our client to go into a closed bidding as this was an advantageous scenario for the sellers. This was also fair for all the groups of buyers as they would put in their best offers knowing that there is only 1 chance for them. We also set a cut off time for the bids so they would not have to worry about us not honouring their offers.  Eventually, out of 3 record breaking offers, we presented $1.2 million dollars to our sellers. 

666 Yishun Record Breaking Price HDB Flat Jumbo

In Conclusion, Happy Sellers Happy Buyers

Sellers were ecstatic to achieve their dream price. Buyers were elated to get the home of their dreams, with the renovations done to their liking, enabling time saving and cost savings.


For us, we are joyful to be able to break the record price once again together with the faith and trust of our client.


We strongly believe that with the right marketing, staging and styling to craft out the identity of the unit, every home can be presented at its best to achieve the potential that it can rightfully be. 


If you want to achieve the best potential for your property, reach out to us, let us create the next high together.

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