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The Chuan Park Review

The Star Of Serangoon

Every neighbourhood has a star project, one that commands the most attention, with high volume of interest, good transaction volume and good rentability. 
Bishan has Sky Vue (Surprisingly not Sky Habitat), Jurong has Jgateway (for now), Pasir Ris has Coco Palms… 
Here’s what we will boldly predict – The Chuan Park has an extremely high potential to be that Star project in the heart of Serangoon. See here for project info.
Let us dissect the reasons why.

1. Next to the MRT

Lorong Chuan MRT Near to The Chuan park review

Lorong Chuan MRT Station is sandwiched between two major hubs – Bishan and Serangoon MRT intersection, both which has 2 MRT lines. What’s more, the circle line is well, going to be a circle soon, enabling residents to navigate Singapore very easily. 

But being situated next to MRT is not the ONLY basis to be the Star Property of a neighbourhood.

2. Land Size

The Chuan Park Land Size vs Chiltern Park Chuan park review

The beautiful thing about Lorong Chuan, is that there is not much land in the area as massive as this. This is the largest piece of land possible to enbloc at 400,000sqf of land. 

Chiltern Park is a close second at 377,682sqf. If Chiltern Park ever enblocs, it will be quite lovely since there are 2 major sides of the condo that would face a gorgeous unblocked view of the landed estate. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the residents of Chiltern park), they have just invested into upgrading their estate, so let us throw that Enbloc potential card out of the window. 

So until perhaps another decade, Chuan Park will be the shining star in the area and therefore present a huge potential in this enclave.

3. Developers ( MCC Land & Kingsford )

MCC Land and Kingsford Group were the masterminds behind Normanton Park. Here’s how the compound looks like. If anyone is going to create something amazing, I will put my money on them, having seen units in Normanton Park. Normanton Park TOPed in 2023, and by the reviews has proven to be a project that is well designed and fitted with good finishing. Transactions are strong and rentals have been steady. 

4. Layouts

Which brings us to our next point. Layouts by Kingsford and MCC land. Here’s some sample of their floor plans. Their sizes and layouts have always been very practical and clever. If they remain consistent, we remain very hopeful as well! 

Normanton Park 3 Bedroom Floorplan The Chuan Park Developer

And in case you are concerned about competition nearby, here’s how a 3 bedroom layout in Bishan Sky Vue looks like, and Serangoon’s Forest Woods. 

Sky Vue 3 Bedroom Floorplan The Chuan Park Competitor
Forest Woods 3 BR Floor Plan The Chuan Park Competitor

As you can see from the floor plans, the common rooms are rather small in Sky Vue, and both condos also come with the additional balcony at the master bedroom, which are under utilised in most cases. 


Having a better layout than appeals to a wider crowd will prove to be a huge advantage when it comes time to exit as it will always be favoured over less optimised layouts.

5. Schools

The Chuan Park Primary School Location Map

In Singapore, we cannot run away from schools. Parents will go to great lengths to get their children into popular schools. In fact, developments that are in the vicinity of good primary schools that are preferred by parents have proven to command large price premiums versus developments that are not within the school zone. A study has been done by NUS on this to show how a school can have an impact on properties prices in its vicinity. Click here to see the article on the study.


And within within 1km, there are

St Gabriel’s Primary

CHIJ Our Lady Of Good Counsel

Yangzheng Primary 

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian (*certain blocks only)

Zhonghua Primary (*certain blocks only)

Australian International School

French International School

Stanford American International School


Need we say more?

6. Pool of Future Buyers

Where will the future buyers and tenants come from? With the same considerations as stated above, The Chuan Park will become a hot favourite once it TOP in 2027 to 2028. The closest competitor would already be close to 15 years old vs a completely brand new development.


You will find strong demand from parents of both local and international schools nearby, teachers/ instructors at those schools will likely make up a good pool of tenants.


Professionals working in CBD and town area will also find this location a draw due to its vicinity to the MRT station and the well connected circle line. It is centrally located and all the key places is going to be within a 30 mins commute away. 8 MRT stops away we have One North Business District and the CBD, 5 stops away we have the Paya Lebar and Bartley Business District, interchanges to all the different lines are all within 5 mrt stops.


Not forgetting the current home owners in the area. Chuan Park is surrounded by landed estates and numerous condos which are much older. Second generation owners who wish to stay near their parents but want a modern and new condo to go into will definitely be only looking at The Chuan Park. Owners who wants to right size will also find this to be the most ideal choice in the location.

7. True Competition

But but but, there are many other properties in the area, why would the buyers or tenants choose this property? It IS the newest Condominium in the area.


In terms of facilities wise, it will definitely be the best with multiple pools, a sizable gym, lovely gardens and likely tennis courts. 


In terms of size wise of individual units, it will be catered to the new audiences who favour functional sizes vs large units. 

However, based on PSF wise, comparing it to the nearest resale projects – The Chuan and Scala, the PSF gap will not be that wide with the resale units already hitting $2,000 PSF.


For buyers who need to move urgently, The Chuan and Scala are currently the more popular projects in the area. 

For those who are able to wait, The Chuan park can be considered seriously as a home or investment. 

Final Verdict

With clients, friends and family asking us about The Chuan Park since last year, we have no doubts this will be a blockbuster

So what can you do?

(1) Contact us to secure an early bird VIP private preview slot.

(2) Check if any of your siblings or family members are interested to purchase, because you MAY be able to get priority queue if two of you buy a unit each. We call this a Bulk Purchase, and the best part is being able to pick units before the general public does. 

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