Selling The Property In Less Than 3 Weeks With Powerful Marketing Strategies


We first got to know the owners when they were viewing one of our properties for sale along East Coast. We chit chatted with them and they told us they were selling their place.

However, despite advertising for 2 months, they have had only 2 viewings. Since it was January, we advised that perhaps it was due to the Holiday Season over Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year – many buyers were away or busy preparing for the festivities.

The house looked lovely and the advertisement photos by the agent were adequate.
A month later, they then invited us to assist in the sale and advertise concurrently with their existing agent.

Before we agreed to take it on, we reviewed their property and property ads performance

Strengths: Their property is very beautiful and what you see in the photos (below) is basically what you can. No staging was required. The land size is adequate and location unbeatably close to the upcoming Spring Leaf MRT.
Weaknesses: The land size was 1760sqf, which is considered a smaller size for a landed property. The house was also near the main road, which is something not every Landed Buyer will desire, and there was only 1 carpark lot within the compound

Due to the small land size, renovations and limited carpark space, the buyer has to be an upgrader, or a person who enjoyed enbloc and now wants to move to a landed and prefers public transport. Likely, they would have also sold their property and need a place to move in to, without having to renovate very much.

As for the Performance of the Property Advertisements, the frequency was not aggressive, there was no Facebook advertisements, and the photos did not reflect the true size of the house.

(The spaciousness of the house surprised us!)

For viewings wise, we also realised several issues:

Owners have 2 dogs in the house (I do too!) and unfortunately dogs will sweat and pant especially in the hot Singapore Weather. There was a strong dog odour in backyard especially. Buyers who do not own pets themselves sometimes get turned off as they expect the smell to stay even when the dogs move out.
The owners had a leakage issue before (outside the house), where they created an extension. The extension was fixed almost 1 year ago but they did not touch up the walls due to their busy schedule, hence buyers were worried about leaking problems.

what happened next?

We gave the owners these feedback. We took professional photos, advertised on all portals aggressively and Facebook as well. On their part, the owners made sure the dogs had baths, and the backyard was hosed down before viewings.

Every week, we had minimally 2-3 buyers visiting the property.

Finally the owner decided to give us the exclusive and we did the professional video for them. We ramped up the advertising for Facebook as well as all the portals and within 3 weeks, we had 2 offers and sold their property successfully at their ideal price, setting a new benchmark for the neighbourhood for their property size.

Having a nice renovated home does help, but without good photos (or video), or even a targeted marketing plan to help get the right buyers through the door or onto the negotiation table.

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